Agua de Salamanca, the perfume that captures the essence of the city receives the Brandor Medal

2022-06-09 06:56:37 By : Mr. liangzhao zhou

The Lion of El Español Publicaciones SAAgua de Salamanca, the perfume that captures the essence of the city receives the Brandor MedalThe organization of the Brandor Medal Awards 2021 informs that the León Salví Design studio has obtained the Brandor Medal for the best logo or brand design with the work Agua de Salamanca |Eau de Parfum.The Brandor Medal (International Branding Medal) awarded by Veredictas, "the first organization specialized in the management of standards of excellence", is presented as the highest international recognition for a brand or brand experience, according to the organization that institutes the award ."The innovative "reversible" participation system created by Veredictas Internacional means that it is the same branding professionals who evaluate the works and determine which work is the best in each category by the branding professionals. If a work is recognized with a Medal Brandor is without a doubt because she is the best."On this occasion, the award goes to Salví Design and the logo created to illustrate this perfume with the essence of Salamanca, Eau de parfum.By Margara.Margara is a new business brand linked to Cultural Heritage with the aim of developing specific merchandising product lines for museums and selected stores.Agua de Salamanca, created by perfumer Paloma Martín Oviedo, is her first initiative.Inspired by the city of Salamanca itself, its essences and aromas, its textures, its history and culture, evoking the memory of its monuments, its University and the Salamanca nightlife.For the design, the Leonese company has developed a specific work of differentiation, both in graphics and typography as well as in the finishes of the case, to give the whole set the care and care of a premium product."For the image of the product, we chose the concept of the charro button. A traditional element that is strongly representative of the city, associated with a piece of filigree craft and jewelry," they point out from the company.Thanks to its geometric composition, it enables a graphic language whose development embraces a sensual and elegant packaging in two sizes, 50 and 100 milliliters.As for the typeface, Salví chose a luxurious serif.Inspired by Art Deco interpretations of classic typographic styles.Use ligatures and calligraphic alternatives for a fluid, romantic and elegant result.As a corporate tone, an intense blue, which inspires the Salamanca sky reflected in the Tormes, in contrast to the gold hot foil stamping that recalls its wealth of heritage and its Villamayor stone at sunset. The BRANDOR medal is presented as the maximum international recognition of a brand or brand experience.New inhabitants and businesses are sought to reactivate 13 towns in Castilla y LeónThis was the fight between two brown bears that ended with the dead male and the female...This has been the first EBAU exam in Castilla y León: Rubén Darío, Antonio...Ximena, the little horsewoman from Zamora who tamed ponies at the age of three and is now champion...Ronaldo keeps his promise and arrives in Santiago de Compostela, but with "a lot of pain...Sign up for free and receive the news in your email every morning'Work Café' and 'coworking', new company concepts that are all the rage in SalamancaThe concentration of motorcycles of the Pata Negra Club will once again bring together the bikers in GuijueloCiudad Rodrigo presents the Napoleonic Week full of events as a tribute to HerrastiMore than 7,000 people attended the Festival 'Salamanca.Universal Language of Culture'Castilla y León increases its fuel consumption by 6% despite the rise in prices and the crisisTwo Spanish Cups and the Regional Championship await the Salamanca Cycling School