Redwood Materials expands to Europe - Drive Tesla

2022-06-25 07:55:22 By : Mr. ABRAHAM BAO

Redwood Materials is expanding their operations to Europe.

Redwood Materials is the brainchild of Tesla co-founder J.B. Straubel who left Tesla in 2019 to start the EV battery recycling company.

The company will expand their international team, grow its operations, and establish partnerships with automakers and battery cell manufacturers in the EU.

The expansion will take some time, and will start in 2022.

The European group already has two executives on the ground. Dirk Demuth is Senior Vice President of European Operations. While, Odd-Even Bustnes is Vice President of Business Development, Europe.

These two leaders will be at the forefront of the expansion project.

Redwood aims to set up a hydromet recycling operation in Europe. Although Redwoods did not release a set plant location, they noted that they would locate the facilities where they can best meet incoming materials and outgoing products.

Moreover, the expansion is a smart move as Europe is the fastest-growing EV market globally. By 2025, the continent will produce 1000 GWh worth of battery sales to support the 30 per cent of European cars that go EV.

Redwood is planning to mimic the circular supply chain concept they currently have in the US.

This circular supply chain allows Redwoods to recycle end of life batteries. Then return anode copper foil and active cathode materials to battery producers.

Redwood Materials did not elaborate or provide more details on location. However, the company did note the expansion process will start in 2022.

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