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XPE foam for air conditionerSpecifications:1. Thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 45mm.2. Width is maximum (2500mm).3. Density from 25 to 330kg/m3.4. Length is custom-made.XPE foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding and foaming material, then crosslinking by irradiation and foaming which is considered as polymer

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XPE foam for air conditioner


1. Thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 45mm.
2. Width is maximum (2500mm).
3. Density from 25 to 330kg/m3.
4. Length is custom-made.

XPE foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding and foaming material, then crosslinking by irradiation and foaming which is considered as polymer material, expect the property of XPE, the IXPE has better property than the XPE foam: Its surface is much more smooth, the obturator foramen is much more well-proportioned and detailed, and its physical property is much better, too. Because of its environmental property, it is extensively used in food packing daily leisure use and medical instruments.


1. Excellent performance, surface resistivity and volume resistivity is very stable, at the same time, according to the customer requirement between adjusted
2. With anti-static properties in not affect by environment or dry humidity.
3. Environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor.
4. Shockproof.
5. Good performance: Cutting, adhesive processed into customer requirements of various shapes 25 IXPE Technical parameters of 40kg/m3 conductivity IXPE foam
6. High temperature resistance: XPE resists a maximum temperature of 120° C.
7. Heat insulation, sound insulation, abrasion resistance; Hard to lose and consume. 
8. Non-chemical corrosion: Free chemical corrosion to the electronic devices and the packing materials. 
9. Superior buffering and cushioning performance: Independent and meticulous closed cell. Use and applications:

1. The XPE and IXPE foam is suitable for postprocessing, we can compound the laminated product themselves into different heights or compounds with other materials into different composite products, such as iron sheets, aluminum sheets and some other metals; Artificial leather, plastics, aluminum plating, paper etc, and which makes the application of XPE and IXPE become more widely. <o: P>
2. It is widely used in building as sound absorbent pad or thermal barrier.
3. IXPE can be compounded with PE film; Colorful film and aluminum foil which are used in automotive trim or heat insulation in home air-conditioning or central air-conditioning system. <o: P>
4. IXPE foam can be with good flame retardant property by adding some flame retardant agent in the material. They are widely used in automotive trim, building and waterproof and refrigeration of air-conditioning fields. And we have passed the UL-94 test 
5. IXPE foam is a good choice for many kinds of sport instruments for its fine pliability, good resistant- tensility and resistant-impact, well compression strength etc, such as sport-gloves, helmet, protected-tools; Surfboard, ski boot, camping and maintaining tent carpet etc
Widely used in gym shoes and functional shoes.


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