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ProductsArtificial Stone tile for floor Engineered stone for floor Surface Polished, Honed,etc.Composition93 % pure quartz crystal, with 7 % of  resins, color pigments and others .Water absorptionLower than 0.03%Mohs\' h

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Artificial Stone Tile for Floor Engineered Stone for Floor
ProductsArtificial Stone tile for floor Engineered stone for floor 
Surface Polished, Honed,etc.
Composition93 % pure quartz crystal, with 7 % of  resins, color pigments and others .
Water absorptionLower than 0.03%
Mohs' hardnessGrade 6-7
Colorwhite, black, red, beige,  grey,  brown, multicolor,marble and customized colors. etc.
SizeQuartz slab:  3.2*1.6m/126"*63",3*1.4m, 118"*55".etc.
The slab size can be adjusted according to project needed . 
Quartz cut-to-size: 800x 800mm, 600 x600mm, 400 x400mm, 300 X 300mm, etc. 
Countertop: 25.5"X96", 26"X96", 25.5"X108", 26.5"X108", 28"X96", 28"X108".
Island: 96"x36", 76"X36", 98"X42", 76"X42", 86"X42"
Vanity top: 25"X22", 31"X22", 37"X22", 49"X22", 61"X22"
Customized , wide range of size
Thickness12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
Product character1. Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant
2. High hardness and high temperature resistance 
3. High acid-base resistance and corrosion resistance 
4. No radiation, environmental protection and Healthy
5. High luminance and easy to cleaning

Artificial Stone Tile for Floor Engineered Stone for Floor

Artificial Stone Tile for Floor Engineered Stone for Floor
Artificial Stone Tile for Floor Engineered Stone for Floor

Artificial Stone Tile for Floor Engineered Stone for Floor


Q: Why should we consider Quartz stone than natural stone?   

A: As the Quartz Characteristics :93 percent quartz combined with a polyester resin and others , High density ,nonporous surface,
1:Beautiful Color :Due to the fact that quartz worktops contain a small percentage of resin and that they are man-made, purer lighter colours can also be achieved. A pure white is available in the quartz ranges that is almost impossible to achieve in a natural stone .And we are Available in over 50 different patterns and colours including natural like finishes.

2.Anti-bacterial surface :Natural stone is more prone to harbor bacteria and germs, because of the little pits inherent to the stone, while quartz makes for an extremely hygienic surface.

3.Easy Maintenance:Quartz is non-porous and does not require sealing or resealing.It is fairly effortless to maintain.To clean, use a mild soap, water, and a soft cloth.

4.Environmental friendly: quartz uses recycled materials instead of new ones and the manufacturing process is considered environmentally friendly.

5.Quartz is slightly lighter and more flexible than natural stone, and therefore easier to work with. Most quartz suppliers offer limited warranties of the product itself.  When it comes to granite, fabricators will usually offer a one year warranty on the installation but not on the slab itself.

Q:What does STRONGQUARTZ do?
A:STRONGQUARTZ is professional and experienced manufacturer and exporter of quartz slabs and prefabricated tops over 10years .

Q:What are you main colors?
A: We have more than 50 colors artificial quartz slab. Such as Pure color , Crystal color, Multicolor , Marble colors .

Q: Can you make customized design and with our logo?
A: yes, we can make the size and colors as your demand and print your brand information at the back of slabs . We offer OEM service .

Q:Can u supply prefabricated countertops ?
A: yes, We have our own processing workshop with over 10 years experienced workers,We are professional factory which supply quartz slabs , quartz countertops , Cut-to-size .

Q: How does STRONGQUARTZ make the sink cutout?
A: STRONGQUARTZ makes the sink cutout by CNC cutting machine with perfect sizes and fine finishing.

Artificial Stone Tile for Floor Engineered Stone for Floor


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