Dragon Ball Super Card Game Announces 5th Anniversary Set

2022-06-25 07:56:53 By : Ms. Yan Zhou

Dragon Ball Super Card Game has announced its annual Anniversary Set. This year is the special 5th Anniversary Set, which seems from this new listing to be breaking away from the trend set by the first four Anniversary Sets. Let's take a look at the product listing to see what we can learn about this upcoming collection.

Here is what we can currently confirm about Dragon Ball Super Card Game's 5th Anniversary Set

There's a lot that's different here. First, look at that last bit. "One storage box" completely breaks away from the trend of multiple collectible boxes. However, the actual contents of the box seem dramatically enhanced. The 5th Anniversary booster packs in the past contained Gold Stamped versions of cards from the guaranteed set. Then, there were packs with Alternate Art versions of cards that could only be found here, which is why people tended to get multiple boxes. That was the hunt. Now, I'm looking at SCR Packs. It seems as if these will be Alternate Art versions of previous Secret Rares from other Dragon Ball Super Card Game sets. One card per pack, one pack per set. This could become the new main hunt.

Also, the presence of "silver cards" is new. Could this be using silver foil stamping the same way that SPRs use gold? Or will we get cards in a full silver holographic style?

This set will drop in October 2022, so we are likely a long way off from card previews. Remember, though, Bleeding Cool considered last year's Anniversary Set to be Dragon Ball Super Card Game's best product of 2021. This one has high expectations to meet!

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